Work with me

When your life is out of balance.
I will support you and help you clarify your needs and wishes, working out a way to optimise your work/life balance.
When you want to make a career change, but don’t know where to go.
I will be there to raise your self-awareness and support you in finding direction.
When you know exactly where you want to go.
I will help you work out the steps you need to take to make the transition successful.
When you are confronted with challenges from certain people or subjects.
I will be the one you can talk it through with and will help you develop the best approach to overcome them.
When a life-changing event happens and you want to be prepared for a different future, or when you just want a clear the path to follow after a parenting break.
I will raise your awareness of your personal needs and wishes. Together we will work out a plan with the best possible outcome of all.
When retirement looms after many successful, fulfilling years in a responsible and powerful position.
I will support you as you design an appealing, exciting retirement plan and I’ll be your accountability partner during the execution process.
I will always be there as your accountability partner during the process, and help you ensure things get done. 

Book a call with me and let’s start getting to know each other. 

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“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”