DISC Profiling

You have a team, that does not work effectively together. You want to strengthen it.

You have a team, with a conflict loaded atmosphere and low work ethics.

You have partner, who constantly seem to misunderstand you.

You want to hire a new team member – where do they fit in well?

DISC Profiling!

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It’s not important what we think we say, but how it’s perceived.

The DISC model is a psychometric measuring tool. It impressed me like no other psychometric measuring instrument I know of, as simple and effective.

The DISC model shows the qualities that characterize our personal behavior in certain situations. DISC is an acronym. D stands for dominant, I for inspiring, interactive, S for supportive, stable, C for correct, detail-oriented.

As a rule, we are a mixture of the different DISC preferences. There are no good or bad DISC qualities. DISC shows a facet of our multi-layered personalities. However, it is the knowledge of this facet that enables us to actively adapt our language and behavior in interactions in given situations in such a way that an emotionally healthy, stress-free atmosphere is created, in which effective interactions and successful cooperation with an increase in productivity are possible.

We all know that it is not important what we mean when we say something, but what is perceived.